5. Database Programming

In this tutorial, Database programming using VC++ and ActiveX Data Object (ADO) is explained using an example "Student Database". The Student Database program is basically an SDI Application. The program uses MS Access as the back end. A basic understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is assumed. After going through this video, the student is advised to complete the whole program of Student Database (Assignment 4).  The program uses two reusable class (CRecordset and CConnection) developed by KTS InfoTech for connecting to MS Access database using ADO. The reader is advised to be familiar with the methods provided by this class. 

What is ADO? : ADO acts as a middle man between the Front end GUI and the backend database. ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) is a COM component that provides Automation compatible (Scriptable ) interfaces used by high level programming languages to access data, normally using OLE DB providers. 

For more information about ADO, refer MSDN.  Click on the appropriate  link below to see the Video and the source.



 Database Programming using VC++ and ADO



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