1. Getting Familiar With QT C++ Environment

This tutorial demonstrates you how to build your first QT application. You’ll learn how to create a QT application project and run its debuggable version. You'll also learn some of the fundamentals in QT application design, say, how to build a simple user interface and handle user input. Before you start this class, make sure that you have your development environment ready.


For creating a qt project, first you need to download and Install the QT Creator. If you already have your qt creator installed in your PC, you can proceed with your tutorial. Otherwise, Install your QT Creator. The first video demonstrates you how to download and install your QT creator. Once you've finished with the installation, you will be ready to begin this class. The second video explains you to develop and debug a QT C++ Application. This tutorial uses a step-by-step tutorial format that builds a small QT app and teaches you some fundamental concepts about QT development, so it's important that you follow each step.

 Getting Familiar with QT Environment




 How to Develop and Debug a QT C++ Application


Download the Source For QT C++ Hello World Example


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