3.Programming Concepts

In this tutorial, we will familiarize some of the programming concepts like Arrays, File handling, Exception handling and OOPs Concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism etc... using Console Application in VB .NET. These tutorials will enable you to write small utility programs. A brief description about some of the Namespaces used here like System.Collections, System.IO, System.Text is given below. Please refer MSDN for more details about these Namespaces. System.Collections- The System.Collections namespace contains interfaces and classes that define various collections of objects, such as lists, queues, bit arrays, hashtables and dictionaries. System.IO- The System.IO namespace contains types that allow reading and writing to files and data streams and types that provide basic file and directory support. System.Text- The System.Text namespace contains classes representing ASCII, Unicode, UTF-7 and UTF-8 character encodings; abstract base classes for converting blocks of characters to and from blocks of bytes and a helper class that manipulates and formats String objects without creating intermediate instances of String.


 Array, Files and Exception Handling in VB.NET




 Encapsulation in VB.NET




 Inheritance in VB.NET


 Polymorphism in VB.NET




Download the Source For Array, Files And Exception Handling Example

Download the Source For Encapsulation in VB.NET

Download the Source For Inheritance in VB.NET

Download the Source For Polymorphism in VB.NET


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